Wednesday, 15 February 2012

School Outreach Program - Brain Awareness Week 12-18 March 2012

During Brain Awareness Week a number of events are organized to engage the public, education sector and scientists. The School Outreach Program has been a successful initiative, since starting in 2009, and is an integral part of our Brain Awareness Week (BAW) activities. 

So what's involved? A neuroscientist, such as yourself, is invited to speak about the brain, their research and career to students in years 10-12. Over 25 schools have so far been recruited for BAW 2012 (March 12th-18th) each of which require enthusiastic speakers who are willing to share their research endeavours and experiences. Talks are generally between 20-30 minutes and the rest of the time is left open for questions. We aim to send two speakers to each school, thus providing ample opportunity for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers to talk about their work to the general public. 

We plan to continue and expand this program in the future as it is a rewarding experience for the neuroscientist, teachers and students. If you are interested, or require more information, please contact (by 29th Feb)

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