Friday, 27 July 2012

Market of the Mind - Speed meet a Scientist

Image courtesy of Simmone Spring
On Friday 10th August the cerebral, scientific and social worlds collide with Market of the Mind, an event where you can discover how your brain can be tricked into believing a conman, alter your perceptions and spot the pseudo-science. 

The event will be held within at City Square and will include a number of different mini-activities including Speed-Meet-A-Scientist session, some ‘alcohol goggles’ where people can see how alcohol changes their perception of the world and various other hands-on activities. The event aims to not just have people talking to researchers but also experiencing science experiments designed for adults rather than for children.

Want to attend?
Friday 10th August, 5.30pm onwards (Speed meet a Scientist starts at 6.00pm)
City Square 
How much   

Want to participate?
Speed Meet a Scientist 

For 'Speed Meet a Scientist', scientists are given the opportunity to meet and chat with members of the general public. During the event scientists will chat with members of the audience for 2 minutes before moving on to another group and talking with them. And it should be noted that conversation doesn’t just have to stick to the science! 

If any of scientists would be interested in being part of the Speed-Meet a Scientist session or would like more information feel free to contact Carly Siebentritt on 9252 6472 or

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