Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The SOBR Professional Networking Dinner 2014 -- July 1st -- Save the date!

It’s that time again and we have been working hard behind the scenes and are pleased to announce the annual Students of Brain Research professional networking dinner will be held on the 1st of July at the Rialto. This year the theme is revolving around a highly topical and contentious issue: “Politics in Science”. The dinner will be emceed by none other Dr Andi Horvath, the media officer for science at the University of Melbourne and will feature keynote speakers Sen. Adam Bandt (the spokesperson for science for the Greens and the man behind the ‘Respect Research’ campaign’) and Sen. Penny Wright who is the spokesperson for mental health, also from the Greens party. The speakers this year will provide interesting insight and discussion into the interplay between science and politics, a discussion not to be missed by young researchers. So it’s time to save that date. The 1st of July. Tickets will be on sale later this month.

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